so long, summer… and autumn arrives

so long, summer... and autumn arrives



Whether you were enjoying the summer sipping cape cods in… Cape Cod? Or maybe Martha’s Vineyard?  Or coastal Maine… The point is you were either somewhere non-tropical with mainly tolerable weather, or you were sweating the days away in stormy south Florida like me.

Hopefully you soaked up as much summer fun as possible and are ready to bid adieu, as today marks the final day of this fabulous season.  I am more than ready for the cooler weather, which has not quite arrived yet down here, and I mark this last day of summer with a tribute to a wonderful summer color: white.  Fear not the old adage that has us packing away our whites once Labor Day hits.  Oh no, I do not abide by this silly rule.  To prove that white can transition far beyond the three golden months, I’ve put together a montage of awesome clothes and accessories that can transition beautifully into fall.  And just for good measure, some gorgeous white home interiors to keep the inspiration flowing.

Worry not- summer may be over, but summer whites never fade (as long as you wash with bleach).

white living room

Clean, spare white living room with great art elements

White living area and dining room

White living area and dining room

This living area looks so calm and peaceful enveloped entirely in white.

White bedroom

White bedroom

This white bedroom with whitewashed shutters is gorgeous.  The photographs behind the bed lend some personality and grittiness to an otherwise pristine room.


hello september

hello september

There’s more to life than just area rugs and paint schemes.  So, with September upon us, it’s time for a makeover.  And what better time than now?  New season (the best one, no?) = fresh starts, back-to-school clothes shopping(!) (even though I graduated college 4+ years ago), and gorgeous-crisp- inspirational weather.  This all reeks to me like it’s high time to usher in the new.  My blog will be getting a major facelift, from layout to content.

A girl can’t subsist on interior design alone.  So, I’m going to introduce some new topics.  A few of my favorite things: fashion, food, furniture, fotography photography.  Damn, it would be so catchy if they had all started with the letter F.  Anyway, that is my grand plan- hope you enjoy!

mad dash world

Mad Dash World


It seems like everywhere you turn mid-century modern designs are popping up again.  From clothes (think the new Mad Men Collection at Banana Republic– which I can’t get enough of) to replica Eames chairs on all the flash-sale sites, this 60-year old style is back in a big way.  Luckily for you there’s an inexpensive way to give in to your design cravings.  Check out my latest and greatest picks that I can’t wait to fill my house with via my collage above (love you Polyvore) and see where to buy em below!  My first choice?  The Jackie O Warhol print of course.

design inspiration: spring fever

With spring finally upon us I went out and enjoyed the balmy weather this past weekend by eating alfresco, partaking in some mini-golf, swimming in the (still freezing) ocean and allowing the blossoming flowers and bright colors all around me to give me some interior design inspiration.  My iPhone snaps’ vivid colors and springtime themes give me the urge to outfit my home in some bright new colorful accessories just in time to brighten up and lighten up for the new season.

My photos:

Outdoor lanterns and turquoise water

Pink toes (and matching ball and putter) on the greens

Bright pink flowers

Spring flowers

Spring flowers

Springtime accessories I’m now craving:

La Murrina turquoise chandelier

This bright turquoise chandelier from La Murrina might be considered too “out-there” for some, but I can just imagine it saving my bathroom ceiling from dreariness by replacing a boring white fan and injecting the space with a little bit of oomph and sparkle.  Don’t you agree?  The aqua color reminds me of the bright blue water in my picture above…

Fuchsia Moroccan Leather Pouf

For a pink item to match my fuchsia toes, this awesome Moroccan leather pouf (available here) will do the trick.  I can see it now: lounging in my living room, cold (spiked) lemonade in my hand, and my pink toes resting upon my new pink pouf.  Pure pink perfection.

Yellow bowl

Bright canary bowl

Nothing screams spring like some bright yellow sunshine added to your decor.  This bowl (get it here) could be used for anything from corralling fruit to serving as a catchall for your bangles.  No matter what purpose it serves, it is sure to bring some springtime life into any room.

before + after: make an entrance

The entrance to a home is one of the first things you (and guests) notice.  At the same time, it is also the most often overlooked spot when it comes to decorating.  You really want to set the tone with your entryway.  Do you want to come home every day and walk in to a boring and uninspired space?  Or do you want to open the front door to an aura of calm, clean inspiration?  I’ll take the latter please.  When I moved into my house a year ago the front hallway was painted a jarring shade of red.  I took matters into my own hands and painted it a calming shade of light blue.  Blue evokes feelings of serenity and relaxation and those are definitely qualities that I like to come home to after a long day at work.

Front entryway

Front entryway

Above you can see what my newly painted blue entryway looked like before I added any decorative touches.  For me, the key to making a space personal is adding layers until you’re satisfied- be it artwork, furniture, rugs, or something else that suits you. 

Decorated entryway

Decorated entryway, part 1

For stage 1 of my decorating process I added a white table to contrast against the blue walls while also coordinating with the baseboards.  Then I hung up a colorful painting, threw in a patterned rug (in a neutral pattern to be sure it wasn’t too much color), and topped off the white table with a vintage birdcage that I made the home of an iron pig (don’t ask why, I just thought it looked interesting- conversation starter?).   A vintage owl mirror above the table finished this layer.

Decorated entryway
Decorated entryway, part 2

For stage 2 of the process I hung up another painting- a black and white acrylic of flowers that I did myself, and a framed and matted photograph I took in college- also in black/white and flanked by a black frame and white mat.  The black and white from the photograph plays off of the painting and goes well in an otherwise pretty colorful room, thanks to the blue on the walls.

Now, when I enter my home I am greeted by a space distinctive of my style and filled with personal touches.  It also sets the tone for the rest of my house and the style that lies beyond the front entryway.

friday eye candy

I must have woken up in a nautical mood today as I put on a navy blazer, bright red shirt, and my favorite Coach navy + white boat shoes when I got ready for work.  Fridays make me happy, and anything and everything nautical makes me happy, so I suppose it makes sense.

For today’s interior eye candy I’ve decided to showcase Jonathan Adler’s room designs in the red and blue color scheme.  While Adler’s designs are not exactly sea-inspired, at least the colors are!


Jonathan Adler Barbie Malibu Dream House bedroom (Xinhua/Reuters photo)

Adler designed Barbie’s Dream House bedroom in 2009 in glorious shades of red and pink.  I love the red tufted headboard and the way the white duvet cover pops against all that pattern and color.


Jonathan Adler, Brian Colby sketch (via

The above Adler sketch is a re-imagination of  Obama’s White House Oval Office.  The red, white, and blue color scheme screams “USA” and the design is completely modern and fresh.  I’d love this for my living room (minus the oval shape).


Jonathan Adler red living room (via

The above Adler-designed interior is more muted in palette (not typical for him) but still piques interest with the myriad of patterns and the abundance of comfy-looking furniture.  It looks like a great place to hang out and relax with friends for the perfect Friday night (in London perhaps? Lots of Union Jack flag pillows in there…).