so long, summer… and autumn arrives

so long, summer... and autumn arrives



Whether you were enjoying the summer sipping cape cods in… Cape Cod? Or maybe Martha’s Vineyard?  Or coastal Maine… The point is you were either somewhere non-tropical with mainly tolerable weather, or you were sweating the days away in stormy south Florida like me.

Hopefully you soaked up as much summer fun as possible and are ready to bid adieu, as today marks the final day of this fabulous season.  I am more than ready for the cooler weather, which has not quite arrived yet down here, and I mark this last day of summer with a tribute to a wonderful summer color: white.  Fear not the old adage that has us packing away our whites once Labor Day hits.  Oh no, I do not abide by this silly rule.  To prove that white can transition far beyond the three golden months, I’ve put together a montage of awesome clothes and accessories that can transition beautifully into fall.  And just for good measure, some gorgeous white home interiors to keep the inspiration flowing.

Worry not- summer may be over, but summer whites never fade (as long as you wash with bleach).

white living room

Clean, spare white living room with great art elements

White living area and dining room

White living area and dining room

This living area looks so calm and peaceful enveloped entirely in white.

White bedroom

White bedroom

This white bedroom with whitewashed shutters is gorgeous.  The photographs behind the bed lend some personality and grittiness to an otherwise pristine room.


trip board: NOLA

new orleans

Alice Olivia alice olivia dress
445 –

Halston Heritage wool dress
$117 –

Cheap Monday charcoal shirt
€35 –

Erin Kleinberg long tank
58 –

All Saints short mini skirt
$270 –

Valletta Set
$74 –

Hollister Co. cotton shorts
$20 –

SECOND FEMALE pleated shorts
€31 –

Robert Rodriguez feather mini skirt
$308 –

Missoni bikini bathing suit
$371 –

Faith heeled sandals
45 –

Kenneth Jay Lane amethyst cocktail ring
110 –

Sequin crystal jewelry
$168 –

The worst part about going on vacation is packing for it.  Everyone knows this, and we all put it off until the last minute (I’m not the only one, right?).  This often leads to some serious stress before a trip.  The art of dressing chicly for the airport?  I’ve had that down pat since I was 12- and multiple seat upgrades to show for it 😉  The art of packing light?  Haven’t exactly perfected that one yet.

This time around I was determined to get it together beforehand and have a plan.  Especially since I am not checking a bag, for the first time in my life.  Yes, the fees have finally gotten to me.  But alas, here I am on the eve of my little journey to New Orleans and I am still not packed!  The thought of fitting all of my clothes and accessories into a bag that is no more than 45 inches is kind of intimidating.  So, the inspiration board above at least got me thinking about how minimalistic I can bear to be considering my teeny luggage, while still looking chic at my final destination.
So, here is what I plan to pack, to save space in my suitcase and still stay in style:
  • A black dress that can double as a pool cover-up and can work double-duty at a mimosa-laden brunch after a night out.
  • One bathing suit.
  • Gladiator sandals for days I’ll be walking a lot.
  • Versatile denim shorts that can be worn with a tank top for sightseeing during the day, or paired with a velvet blazer for a casual dinner.
  • Sparkly skirt for a big night out.
  • Tan strappy sandals that work for lunch during the day or drinks at bar (I’ll be wearing these on the plane as well).
  • Black eyelet shorts that are comfortable enough to wear all day and even to bed (and yes I will use them for both).
  • Huge gold and black cocktail ring and a gold statement necklace- with two major jewelry items like these you don’t need many other accessories.
  • Sheer tank- again, for daytime or sleeping.
  • White strapless dress- so versatile you can dress it up with tan sandals or play it casual by slipping on the gladiators with this.
  • Purple feather skirt- just for fun.
That’s the plan.  Hopefully I can spring it into action quick enough this evening so that I can go enjoy happy hour!

missoni + the masses

missoni for the masses

So I had planned to spend my lunch hour today browsing Missoni’s debut collection at Target that finally launched  this morning after months of (well-worth-it) hype.  However, word quickly spread that not only were the stores a madhouse with everything sold out by 9:30 am, but the website was down due to other crazies like me who couldn’t wait to get their own discounted Missoni goods.  Luckily, I kept trying and although is down again, I managed to get through and quickly buy the items I wanted.

I managed to snag both home and fashion items.  Can’t wait until I can add my new Missoni bathing suit, coffee mugs, picture frame, and jewelry organizer to my collection!  And although mixing up a cocktail in the zigzag cocktail shaker would have been tres chic, it was sold out by the time I got through online.  Time to start hitting up Ebay!

Missoni high-end ad campaign

jewelry by design

jewelry by design
To say I am enamored with Marmol Radziner’s sleek and industrial jewelry designs is an understatement.  When I dug in a little further and found out that the creator of these rugged yet simplistically beautiful pieces is an architect who upcycles pieces from his home projects to make the stunning collection above, I really fell in love.  And the best part about it?  There’s no sticker-shock.  All of the pieces above are under $200.   Each one is different in its natural material quirks, and wearing one is like carrying around a little piece of architectural history.  Check out some of Marmol’s prefab home designs below or on his site.

Prefab Marmol Radziner home

Marmol Radziner home

design inspiration: spring fever

With spring finally upon us I went out and enjoyed the balmy weather this past weekend by eating alfresco, partaking in some mini-golf, swimming in the (still freezing) ocean and allowing the blossoming flowers and bright colors all around me to give me some interior design inspiration.  My iPhone snaps’ vivid colors and springtime themes give me the urge to outfit my home in some bright new colorful accessories just in time to brighten up and lighten up for the new season.

My photos:

Outdoor lanterns and turquoise water

Pink toes (and matching ball and putter) on the greens

Bright pink flowers

Spring flowers

Spring flowers

Springtime accessories I’m now craving:

La Murrina turquoise chandelier

This bright turquoise chandelier from La Murrina might be considered too “out-there” for some, but I can just imagine it saving my bathroom ceiling from dreariness by replacing a boring white fan and injecting the space with a little bit of oomph and sparkle.  Don’t you agree?  The aqua color reminds me of the bright blue water in my picture above…

Fuchsia Moroccan Leather Pouf

For a pink item to match my fuchsia toes, this awesome Moroccan leather pouf (available here) will do the trick.  I can see it now: lounging in my living room, cold (spiked) lemonade in my hand, and my pink toes resting upon my new pink pouf.  Pure pink perfection.

Yellow bowl

Bright canary bowl

Nothing screams spring like some bright yellow sunshine added to your decor.  This bowl (get it here) could be used for anything from corralling fruit to serving as a catchall for your bangles.  No matter what purpose it serves, it is sure to bring some springtime life into any room.

trend report: fashion and furniture

Home décor isn’t my only passion- I am also very much interested in fashion as well.  But since becoming a homeowner I do feel as if my attentions have shifted much more to shopping for home items than for haute couture (well maybe I never shopped for haute couture, but you know what I mean).  To take a line from the newly nested Carrie Bradshaw in last year’s SATC2 movie, “I feel like I’m cheating on fashion with furniture.”  However, I realize that my two loves can be combined.  While poring over recent runway pictures from last week’s NY Fashion Week I found some wonderful similarities between what’s going to be hot in clothing for fall and what is currently in vogue in home design.

Saturated color on the fall runways (image via

As you can see above, bright and bold primary colors were all over the fashion designer’s canvas.  This can be easily translated to home decor by adding pops of bold colored accessories to liven up a room.  The outfits above pair a bright eye-popping color with a more toned down neutral to tamper the effect.  Below, the bold blue of the walls, red door, and pop of pink in the lampshade are tempered by a white ceiling and black and white tiled floors :

Bold interior foyer (image via

The best way to introduce so much color to a room is to do it in a hallway or a foyer, as seen above- this way you don’t feel like you’ve taken too much of a risk if you absolutely hate it- and it is confined to a small area.

Another prevailing trend seen on the runways was the billowy and silky rich blazers, skirts and pants done up in a shade of Yves Klein blue. 

Yves Klein blue outfits (image via

This monochromatic yet rich look can be translated beautifully into a room.  The Yves Klein blue-colored painting in the room below really gives the space a sumptuous and luxurious feel.  After all, it’s so close on the color chart to royal blue that  the overall effect has a glint of royal luxoriousness to it.

Yves Klein blue artwork pops in a neutral room (image via

I saved my favorite runway looks for last: rustic preppiness.  There is nothing that makes me happier than plaid (except for maybe several bottles glasses of pinot noir) and layers.  This look was all over the runways, and while plaids usually call for a muted palette, their print is anything but.  The heavier nubby texture lends a feeling of warmth and coziness- perfect for cozying up to a fire on a chilly fall day. 

Plaid looks ruled the runways (image via

Similarly, an interior clad in plaid makes you want to spark up a fire and lounge about in comfy coziness inside.  The plaid wallpaper in the interior below brings a welcoming and homey vibe to the front entryway of this home:

Rustic plaid entryway (image via

So there you have it.  To my delight, fashion and home decor can be combined.  What’s in style on the runways is often well-translated into the home.  Whether it’s a bold shot of blue or a whole room wallpapered in preppy plaid, fashion and design are not incongruous entities.